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GCiS shares a mix of China economy and business observations, industry articles based on recently published multi-client reports, infographics composed with public statistics and annual reviews of China demographics.


Software Integration in China

The purpose of this article is to provide a living description of the software integration business in China today. Rather than concentrate of market based numbers or focusing on technologies, what we would like to address is what the current situation is actually like: what is being done, why its being done this way and what it means for foreign companies operating in China.

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China Characteristics - Regarding Guanxi

"Guanxi" is the most overused term in the China business environment. The term is central to doing business in China because the concept and practice of Guanxi is so central to the Chinese context. As the Chinese do consider Guanxi important, so the foreigners must learn, adapt and understand.

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Key China Issues - Research in China

Here we provide some viewpoints on research in China.

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