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US - China Wind Power Spat: Unintended Consequences

The US and China could fall out over China's domestic wind turbine market as the US files a complaint with WTO over frustrations stemming from Chinese governmental subsidies and non-transparency in the market. This article examines the background of the complaint, China's wind energy market, the structure of OEM and component markets, and offers a forecast of these conflicts and trends in China's wind power market.

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Li-ion's Share of the Market

China’s electric vehicle future and the development of its battery industry.

This article is based on a GCiS multi-client report: China Lithium-ion Batteries Market Research Report.

Safe, high density batteries are needed to drive the electric vehicle revolution to the next level. However, in the country that leads the world in lithium-ion battery output, and now also automobiles, how close is a viable solution and which players are closest to bringing it about?

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The Chinese Industrial Swarm

Having been here so long, sometimes the scale and the speed are taken for granted, not noticed in the day-to-day. But once in a while, China jumps out and smacks a surprise into the face of all, even us. Last week in Shanghai was just such a moment.

It’s not Shanghai that surprises so much, but the sight of China’s Industrial Swarm that startles. Much is written in the West of China’s trade and industrial policies, but nothing that I have seen accurately describes the scale, speed and nature of what happens. The conception seems to be that there is some small group of autocrats that make a policy and send out the orders and that the country marches to their tune. There are industrial policies, and they are made in China’s own view of what is best for China. But that is not how it works. How it really works, and what it means is what I’m going to try to describe below. Now China does use other policy sets, frequently, but the Swarm is special and deserves to be segmented out for description.

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Key China Issues - China Entry Guidelines

The purpose of this section is to explore some key issues of this market. 

Should Your Company be in China?

Many companies in the US and Europe are no doubt are viewing China with a combination of interest and puzzlement. The promise of this market is undeniable, but can also be a difficult market to crack, and cannot be approached in the same way as Western Markets. Who is right for China, and how should one proceed in dealing with this market?

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Letter from China, 2019

- Written at the year end of 2009.

It’s 2019 already, here in China. The PRC is getting ready to celebrate it’s 70th anniversary, and as usual everything is being cleaned up and made presentable. The mood is generally positive, and skies are a shade bluer in Beijing and other large cities compared to 2009, or 1999. It seems like 2009, with the world in recession and globalization itself even in question, was a long time ago. Looking back, the attitudes in that period seem a bit strange- such as talk of deflation, with the world just now getting over another major run of inflation. Hindsight certainly helps.

Many things are quite different since 2009, but others very similar. Let’s take a brief look at how things stand now, especially in comparison to that period 10 years ago. We’ll look at this in four areas: the economy, political risk, foreign companies in China, and key trends. We’ll skip anything cultural, sporting, etc. After all, we know what has happened, some of which - like Brazil and Germany winning recent World Cups- one did not need a crystal ball to predict.

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