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Shifting Winds of Change in China’s Control Valves Market

According to a China Control Valves Market Research Report, the control valves market in China was estimated at close to RMB 3.5 Bn in 2015. But with slower growth in the economy as a whole, China’s control valve market is expected to shrink over the next five years. In the past 2-3 years, downstream industry players in traditional heavy industries chemical and metallurgy have either reduced their capital investment or have become more conservative in making new ones. Demand from these 2 industries is expected to shrink, leading to smaller market shares by 2020 (as shown in figure 1 below).

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Headwinds Ahead For Foreign Industrial Fluid Filter (IFF) Suppliers in China

This article is based on a GCiS multi-client market research report: China Industrial Fluid Filters Market Research Report.

Since China passed its Environmental Protection Tax Law in December 2016, its effects have reverberated across multiple sectors and industries. The amended law gave environmental authorities more power and promised harsher penalties for polluters. For instance, under the new law, authorities can detain company executives if they do not complete environmental impact assessments or ignore warnings to stop polluting. Industry players across different sectors have commented that the law and increased enforcement efforts have had significant impacts on their operations. In several market studies conducted by GCiS since early 2016, we found that a number of polluting facilities have already been told to shut down as they did not meet the new environmental standards. Others have chosen to move to inland provinces as part of their effort to take advantage of lower costs there and in part also to get away from the more stringent environmental protection rules and enforcement in tier 1 or coastal cities. For those who are still in the game, they often have to upgrade their sewage treatment systems to ensure that the pollutants discharged are within allowable limits. This has prompted growing demand in water treatment filters and systems.

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