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How Would China's Building Materials Industry Respond to the HCFC Phase-out by 2030?

This article is based on a GCiS multi-client market research report: China Blowing Agent Market Research Report.

As part of the Montreal Protocol, China's has already begun in 2013 to phase out its usage and consumption of Hydro-chlorofluorocarbons (HCFCs). Hence, HCFC consumption and production quotas will continue to shrink from now until the complete phase-out timeline in 2030. According to a study by GCiS China Strategic Research, HCFC is still the second largest segment in China's blowing agent market in 2016, with an estimated market value of RMB 1.4 Bn. And, about 91% of China's HCFC blowing agents are sold to its building materials industry. 

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