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US - China Wind Power Spat: Unintended Consequences

The US and China could fall out over China's domestic wind turbine market as the US files a complaint with WTO over frustrations stemming from Chinese governmental subsidies and non-transparency in the market. This article examines the background of the complaint, China's wind energy market, the structure of OEM and component markets, and offers a forecast of these conflicts and trends in China's wind power market.

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Li-ion's Share of the Market

China’s electric vehicle future and the development of its battery industry.

This article is based on a GCiS multi-client report: China Lithium-ion Batteries Market Research Report.

Safe, high density batteries are needed to drive the electric vehicle revolution to the next level. However, in the country that leads the world in lithium-ion battery output, and now also automobiles, how close is a viable solution and which players are closest to bringing it about?

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Opportunities in China's Green-Tech Sector

Regulatory reform has paved the way for green-tech opportunities, but economics will determine what succeeds.

This article explores opportunities in the vast green-tech sector in China, including conventional power, alternative energy, transmission, green building materials, water treatment technology, transportation and consumer products. It also offers discussion on the regulatory environment, investment opportunities and most likely future trends for green technology in China.

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China's Green Building Materials Market: Trends and Opportunities

This article is based on a GCiS multi-client report: China Green Building Materials Market Research Report

The scale of both construction and energy consumption provide unequalled opportunities in China’s green building materials. But a fragmented market and uneven enforcement of efficiency standards in high growth regions is throwing down hurdles for suppliers.

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China's Fuel Cells Market is a Long Way Off

This article is based on a GCiS multi-client report: China Fuel Cells Market Research Report.

Despite funding and support, high costs and the exclusion of adequate distribution channels in China’s newly built energy infrastructure weigh heavily against the emergence of fuel cells. Pity, latent demand would make this the world’s biggest hydrogen market. 

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