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Green and Eco Friendly Materials Are the Latest Spotlight in China’s Construction Market

The 6th China International New Wall-Building Materials, Equipment and Technology exhibition opened at the Beijing China International Exhibition Center on May 10th. The show was attended by a total of more than 200 exhibitors from both China and abroad, showcasing fly ash and coal ballast brick-making technology and equipment which utilizes construction waste and other materials sources, as well as other mixers, hauling and packaging equipment. At the show, products that met new regulations regarding energy and land, environmental protection, waste, thermal insulation industrial policy, fire resistance, lightweight requirements etc were popular, but especially “hot” were the new wall building materials.

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Submersible Pumps in China

This article is based on a GCiS multi-client report: China Submersible Pumps Market Research Report.

China's submersible pumps industry is seeing strong domestic support from the municipal, construction and mining sectors. With ongoing commercial and residential development in addition to the modernization of tier 2 and 3 cities, municipal purchases especially are driving the industry. The market is fairly concentrated and competition is strong, especially in the low end of the market. High quality foreign imports represent around 5% of the market, while exports count for around 25%. Top quality products are seeing threats from illegal counterfiets, protection of IP still seen as a significant problem for foreign players to overcome.

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Cogeneration in China - Opportunities for International Suppliers

This article is based on a GCiS multi-client report: China Power Cogeneration (CHP) Market Research Report.

As the world's leading energy consumer, and facing deteriorating environmental conditions, China plans a massive promotion of alternative energy over fossil fuel dependence in its newest five-year plan. At the end of 2015, alternative energy, including solar, wind, biofuel, and hydro energy, is expected to account for 30% of total generation capacity. But while attention has been focused towards new energy sources, cogeneration, a traditional yet more technically mature way of energy saving, is being neglected. In contrast with new energy, where efficiency and scalability are major obstacles to profit, significant efficiency gains at existing fossil fuel power plants can be obtained through cogeneration. 

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China's Solar Expectations Likely to Fall Short

Great expectations are being placed on China’s solar power market, for PV in particular. Some Chinese authorities expect China’s own uptake of PV solar power to compensate for the continuing decrease in PV panel exports by China’s PV panel industry, which accounts for over 50% of global capacity. And a recent report by the Pew Charitable Funds projects that China’s installed solar capacity will reach 50 GW by 2020, up from 3 GW in 2011- and expects China to take the lead in solar, even surpassing Germany, which as of 2011 accounted for over 40% world capacity- compared to 5% for China.

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Moving Rivers? Opportunities for Foreign Companies in the China Centrifugal Pump Market

This article is based on a GCiS multi-client report: China Centrifugal Pumps Market Research Report.

Of the total centrifugal pump market, only abut 28% of all revenues can be attributed to foreign companies. In the municipal government industry, however, that figures is closer to 40%. But why? This article addresses how criteria for purchasing pumps differ across end-users what that means for foreign suppliers, and how a 100-year-long project will continue to drive the market for centrifugal pumps. 

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