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GCiS is co-owned and managed by both Westerners and Chinese, all with extensive experience in China and international business. One partner is a long time entrepreneur in China, with extensive local expertise and relationships; another has a background in investment banking in Greater China, while the third comes from the US market consulting industry. All actively manage the company, and oversee every project we do.

Analysts & Researchers

GCiS has a team of over 50 local analysts and researchers, most based at our HQ in Beijing. All are trained extensively in methods specifically developed for this market. All have degrees in either engineering, business, or both. GCiS seeks out the best employees by their potential, educational backgrounds, and willingness to develop according to the company's standards. The GCiS analyst and researcher team is drawn from over 15 provinces in China, and they are the key our success in the extensive field research we do.

Network of Experts

GCiS maintains a network of over 100 domestic experts in various fields. These are individuals from government, academia and business, who have particular areas of expertise, many years of experience, and are recognized by their peers as such. When needed, GCiS can access their expertise, contact networks, and in some cases, the resources of their respective organizations. This China wide network of experts represents a powerful base of support, which remains crucial to our success.


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