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Comprehensive Market Assessments
Market assessments are the company's most frequently sought after product. These are made up of a thorough assessment of market demand, including technical and purchasing issues, perception of suppliers, market size, demand by industry, best opportunities in the market, and a wide range of other issues. They may also include the GCiS's strategic recommendations for action, depending on the needs of the client. Read more about Comprehensive Market Assessments.

M&A Research
GCiS M&A Research can systematically create target company lists, as well as provide in-depth evaluations of select companies, based on the client's criteria. Read more about GCiS M&A Research.

Competitor Intelligence and/or Tracking
These can cover a wide range of different market issues, from a competitive perspective. The focus could be on a small number of competitors, with in-depth profiles, or could be on the market competition in general. Read more about GCiS Competitor Research.

Distribution and Channel Assessments
These studies are focused specifically on channel structure, performance, distributors, service, geographical analysis, and others, going into greater depth of detail in these areas. These are often driven by the need to structure or re-assess one’s sales and/or operations.

Customer Insight/ Voice of the Customer
These studies take a very in-depth look at a select set of customers in the target market, including key issues such as unmet needs, purchase decision-making and criteria, willingness to purchase a quality product, or change suppliers, feedback on suppliers, etc. Total and by segment.

Feasibility Studies/Product Launch Studies
For introduction of a new product, production facility, or business in China, GCiS can conduct a feasibility study to determine potential demand, product design, etc.

Market Entry
For companies (or business units) not in China, GCiS provides a variety of market entry services, ranging from assessing market opportunities to city/site selection, distributor search and registration.





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