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Most GCiS projects are strategic in nature, with specific recommendations following value added analysis. To get the most out of a strategic project, the following factors are important:

Clear Objectives and Scope. What key decisions or needs does the client have? The project needs to be based upon these. And the scope should be well defined, and not too broad.

Strong Technical Understanding. The research team needs to understand the target products, technologies, applications and other technical attributes, and these will be dealt with in-depth in the project.

In-depth Focus. This means that enough interviews need to be done to gain reliable and in-depth knowledge of the target market, with a portion of these in-person.

Understanding the Value Chain. Typically in a strategic project, we need to understand and research a good part of the value chain, including: suppliers, channel players, influencers, system companies, and customers.

When these factors are met, we call these projects Strategic Market Assessments. Recommendations should be based on analysis from the original field research, and can focus on any of these:

  • End-user Targeting and Opportunities
  •  Direct Investment or market entry
  •  Sales and Channel Structure
  •  Specific channel or investment targets
  •  Marketing Positioning & “Image” Issues
  •  Entry in a particular market
In the end, Strategic Market Assessments and the knowledge they generate can greatly help the client in planning and decision-making- all backed up by original field research.



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