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Many of our clients have been operating in China for years. They are facing maturing markets; characterized by the strengthening of local competitors. Some need to keep a constant eye on pricing dynamics, while others look for acquisition targets. Almost all competitor research requires primary interviews with senior internal and external stakeholders.

GCiS China Market Competitor Research

GCiS has a long track record of process driven in-depth research to cater to competitor research projects, including:

Confidentiality. Competitor research is highly confidential in nature and GCiS researches with the utmost discretion. We also ensure that the intelligence you get, while accurate, complies with national and international disclosure regulations. 

Technical Understanding. The research team needs to understand the target products, technologies, applications and other technical attributes, and these will be dealt with in-depth in the project.

Support Network. We rely on our network of experts to help us access and interpret detailed company-specific information. We use multiple expert ‘cells’ to ensure overall project confidentiality.  

Longitudinal. A key requirement from our customers is that competitive research be repeatable on a quarterly and annual basis. GCiS has developed China specific project design to ensure longitudinal competitive surveys are sustainable. 

We’re also upfront about what we can and can’t do, grading requirements by methodological complexity. If there’s a level of detail we can’t get directly, an estimation method will be clearly laid out.


Please contact us for additional details on the GCiS Competitor Research Program.


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