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Assessment of China's Market for Synthetic Coating Resins

A GCiS Limited Publication Study Published July, 2010

Synthetic coating resins are a massive market, both in terms of the number of suppliers and the revenues being generated. Growth is estimated at around 12% per year and the government is gradually restricting polluting products. However this is a fragmented market with multiple price points and a high dependency on relationship marketing.

This GCiS market study draws on a three month, in-depth primary survey of over 100 suppliers, channel players, influential organizations and industry experts. Amino, acrylic, alkyd, epoxy, polyester and polyurethane based resins are individually examined in detail as well as comprehensively to show complete quantitative data and qualitative knowledge of the market as a whole. It is essential reading for any professional needing accurate and detailed strategic information of this market.


 Major areas covered include:

  • Market Size and Shares
  • Five-year Projections
  • Market Structure
  • New vs Replacement Sales
  • Pricing Trends
  • Distribution
  • Consumption
  • Assessment of Key Suppliers
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