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Limited publication studies (LPS) make up a series of reports which GCiS publishes on a limited basis, based on data findings uncovered by the company's non-commissioned research department. We sell these to multiple customers; however, the information remains confidential and the reports never go on general release, hence the term "limited publication".


The focus of LPS is ground-level primary research of industrial businesses in China. These are quantitative studies spanning the breadth of an entire market and providing details on multiple segments and types of participant. A sample table of contents is available for download here.

Where a client does not have need of an entire study, individual sections or components of the report can be purchased. 


LPS products focus on four main industry sectors:

             Power & Energy
             Industrial & Capital Goods
             Building & Construction

Many of our products span more than one of these sectors. There are also themes such as alternative energy, green-tech and environmental policy which run throughout the LPS programs. Please contact us if you are looking for research in any particular area of these markets.

Uses for LPS

An LPS product is designed to provide strategic information to multiple levels of a company.

Level Example of Questions Addressed
Board Level / CEO Is there a dangerous emerging PRC competitor?
Are there any strategic opportunities?
Sales & Marketing / Product How do my competitors distribute?
What is the positioning of competitors' Product X?
Are we managing our channels properly?
APAC / China CEO How should I set next year's sales targets?
Are there important trends (sales, product, distribution) emerging?
Can I get a second opinion here?
China Sales & Marketing / Product How should I set next year's sales targets?
How can I get better sales leads?
Here's how the sales work - how to convince HQ?
Need reporting data - almost no budget. What to do?


GCiS uses advanced research methods to ensure international quality standards. This includes a combination of engineering expertise, rigorous definitions and transparent calculations, as ensured by GCiS's unique Process Control System; a set of internal deliverables which helps to maintain a consistent, high quality data stream. The Process Control System is inspired by quality control used in the software industry and is has been adapted to suit research in China. Read more about GCiS’s methodology here.



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