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Assessment of China's Market for Architectural Membranes

A GCiS Limited Publication Study Published November 2013

This study provides a comprehensive understanding of the Chinese market for architectural membranes, with an in-depth focus on PVC, PTFE and ETFE membranes. The majority of architectural membrane is used in sports structures such as stadiums, closely followed by the transportation structure applications such as new and expanded train stations as well as airports. Other key applications of consideration include scenic structures, cultural structures, commercial structures and industrial structures, though growth is expected to be relatively slower in these sectors.

GCiS China Strategic Research estimates that the domestic market for architectural membranes was worth over RMB 900 Mn in 2013, or roughly 6.8 Mn m2. The study finds that the market will continue to grow at above GDP growth rate in the next few years, driven by China's continued rapid development of public infrastructure, especially in tier 2 cities.

Though government funded projects may take headwind from local government debt burden and China's economic transition, suppliers are generally optimistic about demand for architectural membranes in the coming years. The demand for architectural membranes is already starting to become saturated in tier 1 cities and demand is continually shifting towards tier 2 cities. Even with much higher prices, foreign suppliers are successfully penetrating into the tier 2 cities' large scale projects with significantly better quality products.

This GCiS market study draws on a three month in-depth primary survey of 65 of the market's suppliers, channel players and experts. It is essential reading for any professional needing accurate and detailed strategic information of this market. Major areas covered include: market size and shares, five-year projections, market structure, pricing trends, distribution, an assessment of key suppliers and more.



 Major areas covered include:

  • Market Size and Shares
  • Five-year Projections
  • Market Structure
  • Pricing Trends
  • Distribution
  • Consumption
  • Assessment of Key Suppliers
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