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Printing Ink in China, October 2015

The purpose of this article is to gauge the potential growth of China’s ink market and to propose if there are still significant potential opportunities for businesses to thrive in this sector. To answer this, this article will focus on three main aspects: Market trends, existing competition and driving vs. inhibiting forces.

Sealed in Stability, October 2015

Steady growth and medium-term opportunities make this a market worth paying attention to. Despite challenges from domestic companies, there are still opportunities to be had by expanding to high-growth end-user industries, and producing high-quality products.

China Is a Hot-Melt Adhesives Hot Spot, May 2015

From the construction of King Tut’s tomb during the time of the pharaohs, to ensuring the airtight bonding of planks while shipbuilding by the Romans, adhesives have served numerous applications—and made their mark on history. With the invention of thermoplastic adhesives, more commonly known as hot-melt adhesives (HMAs) occurring only 70 years ago by Procter and Gamble, the industry has undergone large transformations from its roots in ancient civilization. In the Chinese domestic marketplace, recent economic trends, consumer behavior, and developments to product technology and delivery systems have all merged to shape the hot-melt adhesives market.

Phosphorus-based Flame Retardant Market in China Poised for Strong Growth, April 2015

China continues to play a prominent role in the global flame retardant chemical market in terms of production, domestic consumption as well as direct exports, and is expected to lead in global market growth. Locally produced phosphorus flame retardant chemical is gradually replacing previously popular halogen-containing chemicals in a broad range of applications, particularly in the plastics and rubber sector. Consumption of inorganic flame retardant is also on the rise.

Anti-Corrosion Coating Suppliers Positive on Future Market Prospects in China, December 2014

Over the last few years, the growth of China's anti-corrosion coatings market has dropped precipitously. However, industry insiders report that the recent slow growth is largely a result of difficulties in the shipbuilding and container sector, while other major end-user industry segments such as construction and petrochemicals are seeing much stronger performance. Improving technology and mounting domestic demand for high-quality products, alongside a likely future revival of the shipbuilding sector, are likely to lead to much healthier growth rates in approximately three to five years.

Fabric Structure Construction in Second Tier Cities in China Supports Architectural Membrane Market, November 2014

With the increasing construction of fabric structures, architectural membrane is gaining increasing prominence in China due to its combination of positive qualities. With increasing income level in China, booming demands for leisure and travel will drive up the demand for fabric structure. GCiS believes that it is not likely to be a major concern for the industry’s development in the near future as China is still investing heavily into its second-tier cities.

Market Trends: China’s Silicone Sealant Market, September 2013

In the September 2013 issue of Adhesives and Sealants Industry Magazine, we discuss the position of foreign and domestic suppliers in China's market for neutral silicone sealants. Local suppliers' lower average prices, has allowed them to dominate the low end of the market and take the lion's share of mid-range revenues. Foreign suppliers like Dow Corning are still holding on to a strong fraction of the market for high-end sealants, but domestic companies are improving their quality year on year.

At a Glance: The Chinese Membrane Market, July 2013

In the July/August 2013 Edition of Water and Wastewater Magazine, we discuss the market for filtration membranes in China and explain how sales of these membranes will remain robust over the next few years, due to downstream demand and favorable market conditions.

The Road Ahead A Look at China's Automotive Coatings Market, October 2012

Repair and OEM coatings markets are fundamentally very different, as one shadows automotive production and the other follows more closely with customer preferences. A senior analyst at GCiS China Strategic Research, discusses some of the findings from their recent market study on automotive coatings.

China’s Advanced Ceramics Market, May 2011
China's advanced ceramics industry has been growing exponentially, but this is a fragmented market contested by hundreds of companies ranging from those located around the historical centers of kaolin production in central China, to the high tech processing zones of Guangdong and Shanghai. Suppliers outnumber customers considerably; particularly in the case of heavy industries such as petrochemicals and electricity distribution where quasi-monopsonies exist.

The China Market for Anti-Corrosive Coatings Introduction, June 2009

A recent study evaluates the cost of corrosion on the American economy at USD 276 Bn per year alone (all surfaces included). In China, where unchecked economic growth has caused extensive damage to the environment, the potential costs of unheeded corrosion might be even higher. Such a huge cost calls for action, and opens a wide range of opportunities for suppliers of anti-corrosive coatings (ACC).


Power & Energy

China's High-voltage Cable, Wire Market-Domestic Dominance, Foreign Opportunities, April 2013

An analyst at GCiS China Strategic Research explains how the combination of uneven economic development in China and an uneven distribution of resources has forced the construction of massive high-voltage transmission projects. The cables for these projects are sourced from domestic companies, but there are still opportunities for foreign companies in a more advanced and rapidly growing market segment, submarine cables.

The China LED wafer market: A story of commoditization, September 2012

In the September 2012 edition of LEDMagazine, an analyst from GCiS examines China's quest to develop the domestic LED industry, and how the high and medium-power LEDs have been resilient to the traditional commoditization model whereas declining prices and overcapacity witnessed in the low-power LED market suggests overinvestment. The article also explains how the value chain will congregate around three distinct steps over the course of the next decade steps. Presently, by comparison, the market sees four or more process layers in the value chain which strip the industry of efficiency and profits.

China's Solar Expectations Likely to Fall Short, May 2012

Great expectations are being placed on China's solar power market, for PV in particular. Some Chinese authorities expect China's own uptake of PV solar power to compensate for the continuing decrease in PV panel exports by China's PV panel industry. Without a doubt the Chinese are much more serious about solar than before, quadrupling the country's installed capacity in a single year, and making serious plans for the rise of solar as a significant form of alternative energy. But how feasible are these plans? Is China truly on the verge of becoming the first major economy to be driven to a significant measure by solar power?

Cogeneration in China - opportunities for international suppliers, May 2012

As the world's leading energy consumer, and facing deteriorating environmental conditions, China needs to find a way of meeting its emission targets and avoiding electricity shortages that inhibit growth. Cogeneration, a traditional yet more technically mature way of energy saving, is being fast developed at an rate of more than 20% in 2011. Over the next five years of economic development, could cogeneration provide an answer?

China Intelligent Lighting Systems Market, October 2011

Intelligent lighting systems are a new take on convention lighting configurations. This article takes a cursory glance at modern lighting solutions and development trends in the lightings system industry, with a focus on the development of the Chinese market for intelligent lighting; both among commercial and residential users.

US - China Wind Power Spat: Unintended Consequences, March 2011

The US and China could fall out over China's domestic wind turbine market as the US files a complaint with WTO over frustrations stemming from Chinese governmental subsidies and non-transparency in the market. This article examines the background of the complaint, China's wind energy market, the structure of OEM and component markets, and offers a forecast of these conflicts and trends in China's wind power market.

Li-ion's Share of the Market, October 2010

Safe, high density batteries are needed to drive the electric vehicle revolution to the next level. However, in the country that leads the world in lithium-ion battery output, and now also automobiles, how close is a viable solution and which players are closest to bringing it about?

Opportunities in China's Green-Tech Sector, 2009

This article explores opportunities in the vast green-tech sector in China, including conventional power, alternative energy, transmission, green building materials, water treatment technology, transportation and consumer products. It also offers discussion on the regulatory environment, investment opportunities and most likely future trends for green technology in China.

China's Fuel Cells Market is a Long Way Off, June 2009

Despite funding and support, high costs and the exclusion of adequate distribution channels in China's newly built energy infrastructure weigh heavily against the emergence of fuel cells. Some would call this a pity, as latent demand would make this the world's largest hydrogen fuel cell market.


Building and Construction

Ultra Clear Glass Holds Pole Position, September 2013

In Issue 2013-IV of International Solar magazine, an article by GCiS discusses the different types of glass used in the manufacture of photovoltaic panels. Ultra-clear glass, as opposed to transparent conductive oxide (TCO) or anti-reflective coating glass, will remain the main choice of Chinese suppliers for some years to come.

China Domestic Companies Capitalizing on the Commoditization of Energy-Efficient Air Source Heat Pump Water Heaters, December 2011

The overall heat pump market is growing very quickly in China, although a closer look into the market creases reveals that foreign suppliers are not engaging in some of the hottest segments, particularly air source water heaters in southern China. Commoditization by Chinese manufactures has been a common business plan, and it seems to be paying off for large domestic appliance firms.

China's Green Building Materials Market: Trends and Opportunities, September 2009

The scale of both construction and energy consumption provide unequalled opportunities in China's green building materials sector; however a fragmented market and uneven enforcement of efficiency standards in high growth regions is throwing up hurdles for suppliers.

Speech on Energy Savings Markets, 2006

Main details of a 2006 presentation for the German Chamber of Commerce, given by a Senior Partner from GCiS on the topic of Energy Saving Markets in China.


Industrial and Capital Goods

Compressed Growth in the China Market, December 2015

A large domestic market and a smaller export market are both features of the Stationary Air Compressor (SAC) market in China. The best prospects are for screw SACs, but with a general slowdown across all end-user industries, SAC suppliers should look to boost efficiency rather than grow.

Industrial Diesel Engines Suppliers Expect Lukewarm Future Market Prospects in China, July 2015

Over the last few years, the growth of China's industrial diesel engines market has experienced a marked decline. Industry insiders report that the recent slow growth is largely a result of difficulties in the shipbuilding and construction sectors, although none of the key end user industries are experiencing impressive growth from a target product sales standpoint. Growth rates are not expected to rise dramatically in the foreseeable future, and while overall growth is expected to level off after peaking in late 2015, growth is expected to remain at a higher equilibrium than 2013 levels. This trend will largely be shaped by the shipbuilding industry, which is expected to make a brief resurgence, as well as sluggish but steady development across the majority of end user industries.

The Gradual Market Expansion of China’s CNC Metal-Cutting Machine Industry, February 2015

Historically, China’s broad manufacturing sector has been driven by domestically manufactured machine tools, but a shift in higher quality products necessitates a shift towards higher quality production methods and equipment. While foreign machinery suppliers have worked to address this demand, domestic suppliers have upgraded their offerings and continue to account for the vast majority of CNC machine tool sales in China. Over the next several years, will increasing demands for higher quality production lead to more opportunities for foreign suppliers?

Air Pollution in China Today - Emissions, APC Equipment and the Effect of the 12th 5-Year Plan, May 2014

Air pollution control (APC) has been prominently included as one of the most important targets for the Chinese government in its 12th 5-year plan. This article takes a look at air pollution targets in China and the effect of industrial APC equipment, including particulate matter control, desulfurization and denitrification.

Pumping China – Domestic gear pump market boom or bust? Feburary 2014

The purpose of this article is to gauge the potential growth of China’s hydraulic gear pump market and propose that there are still significant potential opportunities for businesses to thrive in this industry sector. To answer this, the article will focus on 3 main aspects, the market trend, existing competition and driving vs. inhibiting forces.

Headwind Likely Coming from Domestic Competitors in the Oil and Petrochemical Valve Market, December 2013

Foreign valve suppliers in China will experience more head-on challenges from their domestic competitors in the near future.

Twin Screw Pump Market – the Optimal Choice for Screw Pump Makers in China, November 2013

Screw pumps play a fundamental role in various aspects of everyday life; from sewage and waste water treatment to the extraction and processing of raw materials and manufacturing of finished products, the applications of these pumps are almost endless. The Chinese market for these pumps is growing strongly, with particularly strong opportunities in the twin screw pump market segment.

Will Foreign Suppliers Benefit from Tightening Standards in China’s Tank & Pipeline Safety Equipment Market, October 2013

One side-effect of China’s huge and growing thirst for energy is a large market for tank and pipeline construction in the country, including a substantial market for tank and pipeline safety equipment. Thanks to their lower prices and the domination of key customer industries by large state-owned players, a large majority of the flame arresters and breather valves sold in China currently come from domestic companies. But will tightening enforcement of China’s quality standards lead to more opportunities for foreign suppliers?

China’s Servo Motor Suppliers see Light at the End of the Tunnel, October 2013

2012 was, all things considered, a rather poor year for industrial servo motor suppliers in China. Hit by weakening demand across a range of downstream industries, virtually every player in this industry saw lower revenues than the previous year – local market research and advisory firm GCiS China Strategic Research estimates an average fall of around 8% compared to 2011. Revenues are falling across all market categories, with a particularly strong decline in lower-power motors.

Security Systems in China, August 2012

In the world's most populous and fourth largest country, security systems are expected to play a major role in both general "urban security" as well as corporate and personal security. The current China market for security systems is growing at an impressive rate of 25% according to a recent report published by GCiS China Strategic Research.

Submersible Pumps in China, June 2012

China's submersible pumps industry is seeing strong domestic support from the municipal, construction and mining sectors. With ongoing commercial and residential development in addition to the modernization of tier 2 and 3 cities, municipal purchases especially are driving the industry. The market is fairly concentrated and competition is strong, especially in the low end of the market. High quality foreign imports represent around 5% of the market, while exports count for around 25%. Top quality products are seeing threats from illegal counterfiets, protection of IP still seen as a significant problem for foreign players to overcome.

Moving Rivers? Opportunities for Foreign Companies in the China Centrifugal Pump Market, Feburary 2012

Of the total centrifugal pump market, only abut 28% of all revenues can be attributed to foreign companies. In the municipal government industry, however, that figures is closer to 40%. But why? This article addresses how criteria for purchasing pumps differ across end-users what that means for foreign suppliers, and how a 100-year-long project will continue to drive the market for centrifugal pumps.

Hydraulic Components in China, December 2011

Hydraulics have a variety of important applications, from aerospace to automotive to construction. Though China leads the world in low cost parts and machinery, a drive for higher quality products is affecting the industry. These new offerings from Chinese suppliers could upset the market share of current leading global suppliers, but when, and how?

China’s Market for Cryogenic Equipment: Trend, Drivers and Inhibitors, March 2011

China's market for cryogenic equipment is in its early stages of development, spurred on by investments in the country's Liquid Natural Gas (LNG) handling capacity and the general expansion of its industrial base. A number of other markets, with wide customer bases, have also flourished in recent years. This article delves into the applications of Cryogenic Equipment and its opportunities in China.



Software Integration in China, 2009

The purpose of this article is to provide a living description of the software integration business in China today. Rather than concentrate on market based numbers or focusing on technologies, what we would like to address is what the current situation is actually like: what is being done, why it is being done this way and what it means for foreign companies operating in China.




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